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Hello World! I am MommyJustice and I created this blog in order to reach families affected by incarceration. I’m a mommy, wife, sister, grandmother, aunt, and friend of someone that has been touched in some degree by the criminal justice system. If that is YOU, I see you as “Fearless,” for this is a harsh road to walk. This blog is in support of those families. If you are not one of those families, you may also find some interesting articles on family, health, love, commitment, and just about anything that has to do with a better and stronger life.

I have many experiences that have shaped me, but none as much as being a wife and mother. If you have children of your own, or have been touched by the growth of a child, you know how seeing life through their eyes, can definitely change your perspective. I also bring to the table my experience as a prison minister. During the roughest times of my life, the people that have come to me for ministry have produced light in my life, and through them and my family, the love I thought I had for my fellow man has been honed, shaped and perfected as much as it can be humanely possible. This blog is to give back to those who look to me for encouragement, love and support.

Through my content, I hope to uplift you by sharing some of my writings and art, articles I find encouraging or informational on a variety of topics, content from those I minister to, and perhaps even a little bit of the whimsical, but I hope it blesses you! My credentials are such: I have an MAS Degree in Applied Criminology with a policy emphasis, a certificate in ministry, a BAAS in Business Management, an AAS in Business Information Technology, and a certificate in Medical Office. I’m also a wife, mother of seven children, grandma to nine, been a single mom two times over, owned and operated my own business, worked for others, been a volunteer, overcome illnesses, and have met life’s obstacles mostly with lots of prayer and old fashioned common sense. I have been through many hard knock times and I hope to share some of the wisdom I’ve gleaned, because that’s when we seem to grow the greatest. I am also by choice married to a man that is incarcerated, and as you get to know me and check out my blog, and writings, you may understand that better.

Please feel free to step in and stay awhile. I hope we may grow together, and thanks for making my day!